[NEWSFLASH] You can’t eat cash…

30 January, 2018 (14:00) | Stories | By: Josh Varon

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Dear Chef,

You can’t eat cash and you can’t deposit “slightly spoiled” food at your local bank.

This is why your restaurant needs to be on top of its game when it comes to purchasing. You want positive cash flow to buy more product and pay your staff.

Don’t leave this up to your chef!  He has about a million other things he needs to focus on.

That’s why we created ChefMod. Your membership includes access to our Enhanced Group Purchasing Organization filled with best-in-class vendors that we’ve been vetting and cultivating for decades. Take your pick of top-quality menu items and supplies at the same pricing you’d get if you had 10x the locations you have now.

Past order history and sales velocity are the best indicators of anticipated usage.  Don’t waste your time or your brainpower trying to determine usage. ChefMod’s advanced yet simple-to-use software easily manages all that for you and analyzes your daily/weekly/monthly purchasing history vs. sales performance  for each item.
This allows you to have the perfect information you’ll need to move forward with all of your smart purchasing decisions.

How much cash is sitting on your shelves?

Talk Soon,

Josh Varon

We believe the world needs more restaurants

26 January, 2018 (19:16) | Stories | By: Josh Varon

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Dear Chef,

The one passion that binds all of us together is our passion for the industry and our love of food.

Some people say there are too many restaurants and not enough customers to go around.

But we say that there’s always room for new ideas,

And we’d love to see more restaurants sharing their vision.

Whether that means great food at affordable prices, or if it’s your dream is to provide an incredible culinary experience where low prices are not the primary motivator for patrons.

Our team at ChefMod brings a rich and diverse set of experiences ranging from corporate sales, retail and wholesale production to customer support, culinary and information technology.

Our primary “Reason For Being” is to create efficiencies throughout your purchasing lifecycle that save you time and lots of money!

ChefMod is purchasing done differently.

Rooting For You,

Josh Varon

Is your P&L misleading you?

24 January, 2018 (16:23) | Stories | By: Josh Varon

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Dear Chef,
Your Profit & Loss Statement’s value may be very limited if it contains misleading percentages on food and beverage costs that make it difficult to determine how your restaurant is doing financially. 
Even if you receive financial statements from your accountants on a regular basis you still might not be able to really tell how your restaurant is actually performing.
As luck would have it ChefMod offers you a foolproof way  to build up your P&L starting with the very first moments of the purchasing process. Our software captures everything your accountant needs to generate both accurate and relevant financials.
This very same software easily generates sales forecasts and provides the analytics on how you performed that will help you make wicked smart purchasing decisions.
To Your Success,

Josh Varon

How to have a great day (when purchasing menu items)…

11 January, 2018 (20:15) | Stories | By: Josh Varon

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If you never again had to cull through hundreds of foodservice invoices to find your last cost for items you regularly purchase, would that be a very good day?

Would your day get even better if you had purchasing software that knows what you typically like to order but could also instantly provide alternative choices so you can compare sizes and brands to make the best decision for you?

Instead of doing it the old way (aka the hard way) let me show you how easy it is to plug into our cloud software that securely captures real-time purchasing data and provides up-to-the-minute recipe costs… AUTOMATICALLY.

Know how much you’re going to spend before you actually spend it.

Just login view the ingredients and products you want to see. Submit your order and get on with your day.


Can you predict how much you will PROFIT in 2018?

9 January, 2018 (20:15) | Stories | By: Josh Varon

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Dear Chef
Do you have a plan to make 2018 better than 2017?

Most all restaurants believe the best way to grow sales and profit is a better or different marketing strategy. But this always ignores the most important part of every restaurant’s business strategy – PROFITTING WHEN YOU PURCHASE.

If you don’t have a plan yet that’s OK! ChefMod will help formulate your strategy according to what’s most important to you. We’ll improve everything from the quality of your relationships with suppliers… to creating automated efficiencies throughout your entire purchasing process.

While marketing and creative promotions can certainly play a role, there is one common characteristic of highly successful restaurants: They consistently purchase superior quality menu items and all supplies at pricing that ensures healthy profits after all operating expenses are accounted for.

This leads to more predictable profits for you in 2018. Just reach out to me and I’ll show you how.

New Year’s Resolutions…Who Needs Them?

30 December, 2017 (20:35) | Stories | By: Josh Varon

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Dear Chef
If you’re like me you don’t wait until the end of the year to make a resolution on how you’re going to “make changes in your life” starting January 1st.
As a chef or a business owner you’ve already set goals and projections for yourself at least every 90 days, or quarterly.
You’ve reversed-engineered your long-term goals to figure out the exact activities you need to accomplish daily in order to hit those targets. You spend time each morning or evening going over exactly what you want, so it seeps into both your conscious and subconscious mind.
Whether you’re already a ChefMod member or we’re talking about bringing you on board soon, I’m here to do all I can to make sure that your restaurant achieves the ambitious goals you’ve set.
I know for a fact that we will help you accomplish your critical objectives by plugging you into our purchasing and food cost software solutions, our Enhanced Group Purchasing Organization, and by giving you access to a staff of industry veterans that are here to support you every step of the way.
Wishing you and your family the very best holiday season and a Happy New Year!

More food trends to live by for 2018?

28 December, 2017 (20:35) | Stories | By: Josh Varon

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Dear Chef
I not-so-subtly hinted in my last email that I’ve got even more food trends for 2018 that will help boost your sales. You’ve got to give your people what they want and they will reward you with their dollars!
Now, let’s jump right back in on the trends that Restaurant.org says you’ll want to take advantage of!
What Customers Want To See You’re Paying Attention To:
1. Food Waste Reduction
2. Environmental Sustainability
3. Simplicity/Back-To-Basics Menu Items
4. Farm/Estate Branded Items
5. Locally Sourced Produce
1. Ethnic-Inspired Breakfast Items
2. Avocado Toast
3. Traditional Ethnic Breakfast Items
4. Overnight Oats
5. Breakfast Hash
Kids’ Meals
1. Healthful Kids’ Meals
2. Ethnic-Inspired Kids’ Dishes
3. Gourmet Items In Kids’ Meals
4. Whole Grain Items In Kids’ Meals
5. Grilled Items In Kids’ Meals
And remember that ChefMod members have easy access to all of the above (and more) from the best vendors at the best pricing through our Enhanced Group Purchasing Organization.
Take these trends and incorporate them into what already makes your restaurant special.
Happy Holidays

Is Time Running Out On The 1000 Chef Initiative?

20 October, 2016 (13:09) | Food | By: Josh Varon

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If you’re a chef who wants to enjoy the artistry of being a chef, as opposed to spending the majority of your time managing purchase orders and inventory, managing payrolls, reviewing spend analytics and menu profitability, then you need to listen up!

Whether you run a large kitchen, you are a chef/owner of a modestly sized restaurant, or you’re responsible for a multi-unit operation… SMART IDEAS and the smart systems to implement them are integral to the success of any organization.

You know in your heart that there’s a better way to spend your time.

That’s why we should talk now about you joining our 1000 Chef Initiative.

Even just one idea from any of our brilliant member chefs can be the difference between your restaurant breaking even and your best year ever.

Why should you have to reinvent the wheel?

Make it easy on yourself and get access to the sharpest minds in the industry who have already solved the problems that you’re facing.

Find out what it means to be a member of this Chef’s Coalition!

1,000 Chefs Strong – Do You Want In?

6 October, 2016 (13:03) | Food | By: Josh Varon

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Among the many innovative strategies and systems ChefMod has implemented for chefs and restaurant owners over the years, without a doubt our largest strength is:


You see, during the last decade we’ve compiled millions of data points while facilitating the recipe management, purchasing and ordering platform for our ChefMod members. Through consolidation of resources and group purchasing, plus the processes and systems we’ve put in place, we’ve saved our members tens of millions of dollars and countless hours of labor.

As you know there is strength in numbers. This is why we are going to continue to grow the number of chefs and restaurant owners in our universe and take them under our wing.

The more of you that we have with us, the more we can continue to “feed the beast” that provides intelligent information and huge costs savings.

When we feed the beast, we only get stronger. This is why we are working on the “1000 Chef Initiative” for the final quarter of the year.

Through the 1000 Chef Initiative, the more people we’re able to bring together, the more we can accomplish:

  • Even bigger and stronger buying power
  • Create better systems with more chefs’ experiences to share => Just one new idea could be the breakthrough you need for your restaurant!
  • More ways to customize our system => Do it your way and own it!
  • Know that you’re part of a coalition of 1000+ chefs. Membership has its privileges!

We are working on some new creative ways to get people into the system, so email me, or give me a call at 845-548-4048 to be a part our 1000 Chef Initiative.

I’m confident that if you give us a chance, you’ll be happy you did!

3 Quick Restaurant Predictions for 2017…

29 September, 2016 (13:01) | Food | By: Josh Varon

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I figured I’d get a head start on all of the typical 2017 restaurant trend predictions you’ll be reading about in December and January… Believe it or not, there’s only 3 months left in 2016!

Prediction #1
Restaurants Want Hassle-Free Technology
“Restaurant operators and consumers generally agree on the benefits of technology use in restaurants but they’re also in agreement that while new technology is useful, it can complicate the restaurant experience,” says Annika Stensson, director of research communications for the National Restaurant Association.

Prediction #2
The Path To The $15 Minimum Wage Is Going To Present Major Challenges
Before you say: I didn’t need you to tell me this would be a big problem… What about all of the other consequences that lawmakers haven’t thought hard enough about? Restaurants will have to cut employee hours and cut just about everywhere else they can think of… just to break even.
Buying or building a restaurant is a form of gambling. You put a huge amount of money up front and hope to make your initial investment back in about 3-5 years (if you’re lucky).

Prediction #3
Analytics Will Continue To Rise As The Data Tracker That Predicts Your Financial Future
Just like the world of professional sports, you will simply not be able to compete without utilizing the power of analytics.
You need business intelligence at your fingertips to provide quantitative insight, reduce costs, assess alternatives, and then make informed decisions for strategic planning.

The GOOD NEWS is that ChefMod can address all this and more for you. I’m excited to show you how.